This website promotes the use of herbs for general health and wellness.

A fusion of passion, hobby, need and want for herbs.

This venture is dedicated to my parents, dearly known as Pak Migel and Sino Migel. At the time of writing this, they are in their late eighties and enjoying reasonably good health considering their age. They are from the Bidayuh tribe. They both grew up and live all their lives in a tribal village environment (in Bau, Sarawak, Malaysia) away from the conveniences and privileges of modern life such as in towns and cities. What is most peculiar about them is their experiential acquaintance with herbs not only as health remedies but also in their regular food and drinks. Herbs are used in most of their home-cooked recipes and teas. Herbs are used to treat common ailments like bloating, insect bites, skin itch, cough, etc. There are usually fresh local herbs in their kitchen and herbs growing surrounding their home. They are hard core pro-herbalists in their own right. 

Website Owner: Hellen Gumek

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