Why we love herbs

(And you should too!)

Why do we love herbs?

Herbal plants are nature’s gift to the world! Herbs are known for health and wellness across cultures and generations. Herbs have been used as essential ingredients in tribal and ancient remedies and are increasingly used in modern medicine. Herbal remedies are now commonly marketed in pharmacies and retail stores.

Some herbs contain exotic flavour and aroma that can enhance the taste and smell of food. Some herbs are more than just for food and remedies, they have the most unique flowers to behold such as the torch ginger (Etlingera elatior), lavender (Lavandula), cat whiskers (Orthosiphon stamineus), just to name a few.  Growing herbs in your backyard can become a rich and rewarding experience too.

The herbal industry is here to stay, the demand for fresh, premium and processed herbs is on the rise. Information, knowledge and research in herbs propagation and growing, preparation, storage, marketing and consumption remains bright.

We are here to promote the use of herbs for general health and wellness. From time to time you will find

  • simple practical tips for e.g. homemade herbal drinks and foods
  • articles to feature certain herbs
  • product reviews
  • promotion of herbal products
  • testimonies from herbal users and enthusiasts
  • etc.

herbs for all sorts

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